Training and Development Institute


Training and Development Institute


Training and Development Institute 
Dr. Majdi Serhan, the Dean of Training and Development Institute

 Al-Istiqlal University-the Palestinian Academy for Security Sciences- is always keen to create an efficient officer capable to deal with changes and developments. It is also keen on considering the requirements of comprehensive quality that depends on developing and improving the human element periodically, so training has become a strategic choice within investment and development system of human resources. The University focuses on designing training programs which stem from training needs of the individuals and establishments. Whenever the training needs are recognized and determined in a scientific methodology, it is possible to fulfill them and improve the individuals’ efficiency through training. Therefore, the Institute of Training and Development was established to help in achieving high levels of work management by using systematic, methodological scientific techniques and use privileged staff capable of innovation and creativity.
Along the development of the Palestinian Academy for Security Sciences into a university by a decree of His Excellency president Mahmoud Abbas “Abu Mazen” and the decision of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in 2011, many academic facilities were established during this development including the Department of Training and Development which is later changed into Training and Development Institute at IU.
 The institute’s vision is to have an active contribution in developing the security institutions and the institutions of the Palestinian community through providing multiple skills in all specializations which in turn take part in changing attitudes toward more special and excellent work.
The Institute estimates the training needs of the cadets and security personnel through providing them with various training programs and workshops in line with modern training vision. It also provides the necessary skills to perform their services. That is through:
1. Accrediting periodical training plans of the institute.
2. Following up implementing work programs connected with the objectives and strategies of the institute.
3. Developing training programs and improving the outcomes.
4. Monitoring exams, controlling their management, analyzing results, and following correction measures.
5. Evaluating training programs, determining and processing weakness points and enhancing the strong ones.
6. Following up the impact of training programs and their outcome in the security institutions (feedback)

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